InnoStar Project

The project InnoStar—Innovative Systems and Automated Design for 5G/6G Connectivity and Radar Applications—will close the gap in research and development on mmWave technology and methodologies for operating frequencies beyond SotA targeting 100 GHz up to 300 GHz and new highly sophisticated high-performance applications in lower frequencies, including contributions to sustainable and green energy. Millimetre-wave (mmWave) technologies in semiconductors, antennas, and systems are mandatory and are an enabler for numerous applications of today’s life, including telecommunications (e.g., 5G/6G networks), Internet-of-Things (IoT), automotive safety (e.g., autonomous driving, radar sensors, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)).

Consortium relevance: Partners from Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden will share expertise to deliver novel mmWave circuits, architectures, systems, and antennas, including design, layout, packaging and testing methods, flows and tools. The consortium gathers global industry leaders, specialized small to medium enterprises (SME), respected research institutes and academia with expertise in communication technologies, semiconductors, antennas, and EDA.

EURIPIDES -PENTA relevance: InnoStar will address key EURIPIDES -PENTA strategic challenges that impact digital society, mobility, energy, and cross-sectional technologies (architecture, design, methods and tools). InnoStar will innovate fundamental technology layers: process technology, components, modules, and system integration.